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We will contact you via email for all correspondence. If we are unable to contact you via email, we will attempt to call or fax you. Please check to make sure you have entered the correct email address when booking.

If you need help with an existing reservation, fill out our customer service form. Please include your Itinerary Number with any correspondence. For other questions and comments, please use this form.

For answers to frequently asked questions, please read the following FAQs.

Making a Reservation

How do I reserve my room?
Our reservation process is very simple. Select or enter the desired city, enter the dates of arrival and departure, and enter the number of adults. Click the Search Available Hotels (for only hotels which have vacancies), or the Browse All Hotels (all hotels in a city regardless of vacancy) button. You could also search by a specific hotel name within a city.

A list of hotels will appear on the screen. For more information, click the name of the property or the Info link.

  • After room types and rates are returned to your screen, you will be able to choose the rate you desire by reading the room information in the center of the screen, then clicking on the Book It button on the right side of the screen.
  • After you have selected your desired room type, you will be taken to a "Secure Reservation Request" form. Then you will need to review the "Reservation Information" and fill in the blanks on the "Customer Information" section. Be sure your name and email address are spelled correctly.
  • After you fill out all of the needed information, press the "Submit Reservation" button.
  • If further correspondence is necessary prior to confirming the reservation, a Customer Care agent will reply back to you with an email within 2 to 4 hours.
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What are Special Internet Rates?
Special Internet Rates save you money. Because of the large number of lodging reservations we process, we are able to negotiate special rates with the properties directly. These rates are lower in most cases than the normal rates you could receive by contacting the property simply because of our buying power. To secure your reservation, we require up-front payment with your credit card. This ensures you have a room when you arrive so you are not "bumped" or "overbooked."

Booking a room marked as a Special Internet Rate gives you both savings and security. You can't beat that!
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What are Additional Rates?
These rates still can offer savings; however, are not specially negotiated with the hotel like "Special Internet Rates" and generally do not offer as large a discount.
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When do I have to include my credit card number?
Lodgings identified as offering "Special Internet Rates" require up-front payment with your credit card at the time of booking. This ensures you have a room when you arrive so you are not "bumped" or "overbooked." If new taxes or fees are added by the hotel from the time of booking to the time you check out of the room, you could be responsible for those charges. Additional charges for phone calls, room service, and other services will be your responsibility at the time of check out as well.

Properties identified as Additional Rates require a credit card number at the time of booking to process the reservation. Your credit card will not be charged until you check out of the hotel unless the type of room you selected states a deposit is required.
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Is it safe to use my credit card?
Yes. We take this matter very seriously. To ensure your security, our website utilizes a secure commerce server, which encrypts the credit card number and encodes it into a non-usable form.
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What credit card types are accepted for guarantee/deposit?
The card types accepted for guarantee/deposit will be listed in the Info section of the hotel description.
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My credit card number is correct, but the hotel is not accepting it. Why?
There are a few possibilities:

  • Your card type is not accepted at the hotel.
  • The card expiration date precedes the reservation date.
  • You have reached your credit limit.
  • There is a computer error.
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What is the cost for using your service?
There is NO CHARGE or service fee to use our hotel reservation service or search engine. However, some of our suppliers charge service fees. Please read all text carefully associated with any reservation.
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Are taxes included in the rate?
It will be indicated by the quoted rate if taxes and miscellaneous charges/fees are included. In general, taxes and fees are included for "Special Internet Rates" and are not included for "Additional Rates." This is just a general rule and you should carefully read all text associated with any reservation.
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Can I specify where I would like my room located (preferred floor, next to pool, etc.)?
If special requests are accepted by the lodging, a section will appear on the Reservation Form to insert such requests and submit them to the hotel. The hotel staff will do their best to accommodate special requests. We cannot guarantee that your requests will be granted because they are subject to availability.
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Is the room rate per person or per night?
All rates are based on double occupancy per room, and are quoted on a nightly basis unless otherwise specified. Extra people, children, roll-away beds and incidentals may be subject to additional charges.
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What about the special discounts?
Many of the participating hotels offer "Special Internet Rates" to our users. These rates offer substantial savings. See "What is a special Internet Rate?"
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I should receive a discounted rate. How do I get this?
The rates displayed are the only rates available to this site for making reservations. These rates may include government, corporate, or senior discounts. You may need special documentation at check-in to confirm you are qualified to receive that rate. Please do not expect to receive such a rate at check-in without the proper identification even if you have selected to book it online.
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Is there a waiting list for sold out hotels?
In certain instances, can make reservations at sold out properties. Often lodgings identified as "Special Internet Rates" are providing sold out availability. If you want to be placed on a waiting list, you will need to contact the lodging directly.
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Confirming a Reservation

What happens when I make a reservation?
Reservation requests will result in a new screen showing an Itinerary Number, which should be kept and used with any future correspondence with You may also be quoted a Confirmation Number. Additionally, all reservations will be followed up within 2 to 4 hours with an email using the same Itinerary Number and, if available, a Confirmation Number.
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How long will it take to respond to my reservation request?
All reservation requests will result in a new screen showing an Itinerary Reservation requests will result in a new screen showing an Itinerary Number, which should be kept and used with any future correspondence with us. Additionally, all reservations will be followed up with an email within 2 to 4 hours using the same Itinerary Number with the status of your reservation.
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How do I check on my request for a lodging?
You may view your reservation using the "View/Cancel Reservation" link. Always feel free to contact us with any inquiries regarding your request. For fastest service, please include your "Itinerary Number" which you will receive after you submit your booking.
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I don't have long to wait for a confirmation. What can I do?
Typically, most lodging reservations are made in real time and your confirmation should only take a few seconds. You will be notified of the status of your reservation within 2 to 4 hours. However, there can be delays. In such cases, you will receive an email from us without a confirmation number. When we receive the confirmation number from the property, it will be emailed to you. If there is a special request or rate change associated with your reservation, the request will be sent to a Customer Care agent for processing. You may contact us directly.
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When will my reservation be at the hotel?

  • Special Internet Rates Rates:
    Your name will not appear at the hotel until 72 hours before your arrival date. Rest assured, the room is booked; however, the hotel just does not know that you will be the person staying in it.
  • "Additional Rates":
    It takes a minimum of 24 hours before your reservation details reach the lodging's computer system. Rest assured, the room is booked; however, the hotel simply has not entered your details into their system yet.
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Once I have made my reservation, will I receive any written confirmation from the hotel?
No. The email confirmation you receive from or our partners is all you will need. It displays your Itinerary Number, the hotel information, the rate, confirmation number, and the hotel's cancellation policy.
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Canceling a Reservation

What is the cancellation policy on my reservation?
When you are completing the Secure Lodging Reservation Form, the Cancellation Policy will be provided in red or there will be a link to read the cancellation policy. You can also view the property information page to find the cancellation policy. These policies will vary from lodging to lodging, so you must read each one carefully. In general, the standard increments are that you must cancel the room(s) by 4 or 6 PM on the arrival date, or 24, 48, or 72 hours prior to your specified arrival; however, these are just general guidelines and the specific policy of the property will prevail. If you cancel before the deadline, generally you will not be charged a penalty. Canceling after the stated period will result in a cancellation penalty fee.

Reservations of "Special Internet Rates" will apply a $25.00 cancellation fee regardless of the timeframe of cancellation. If the cancellation is outside of the time allotted, you may be charged for one night's stay.
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How do I cancel a reservation?
Use the "View/Cancel Reservation" link provided on the home page.
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What type of customer service is offered?
After submitting your reservation request, you will be provided with an email address to use to make inquires about your request. Our qualified and friendly agents are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (including holidays) to answer your questions. All you have to do is ask.
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I'm looking for a hotel in Los Angeles. Can you help me?
Our reservation agents are unable to do individual searches for clients due to our high volume of reservations. Please use the Lodging Search Form to identify availability and rates at over 47,000 hotels around the world.
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Is there a hotel shuttle service to/from the airport?
Many hotels offer shuttle service to and from the airport. This may be listed on the Lodging Information page. If it is offered, there may be a charge by the hotel for this service. Vacation rentals often do not have this type of service.
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Is parking available? Free parking? Long-term parking?
Most hotels and vacation rentals offer free parking to their guests, although some may charge. Long-term parking is offered at the discretion of the property (often in conjunction with park and fly rates). This may be listed on the Lodging Information page.
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What if there will be more than two adults in the room?
Most hotels allow additional adults to stay in the rooms at a charge (usually between $5.00-$20.00 per person). Some hotels and most vacation rentals have a limit on how many people can stay in a room. This may be listed on the Lodging Information page.
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Our children will be with us... do they stay free?
Usually children under 12 years of age stay for free in their parent's room using the existing bedding. The age requirement differs depending on the specific hotel's policy. This may be listed on the Hotel Lodging page.
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Are rollaway beds/cribs available?
Most hotels and some vacation rentals offer rollaway beds and cribs (typically at a charge- $5.00-$20.00 each). Some may have restrictions on what room types will allow rollaway beds. This may be listed on the Lodging Information page. If special requests are accepted, a section will appear on the Reservation Form to insert such requests and submit them to the hotel or vacation rental.
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What are the directions to the hotel?
The location information of the hotel is sometimes listed on the Lodging Information page. This can identify the distance from the hotel to certain landmarks or the airport. Vacation rental reservations will have directions included in the confirmation email.
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Is breakfast included?
Many hotels offer free breakfast. Often this is a continental breakfast or sometimes just coffee and donuts. It would be very rare for a Vacation rental to provide breakfast. If included, it should be listed on the Lodging Information page.
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What is the Refund Policy? strives to provide the best service possible and will work on behalf of our clients to rectify any regrettable circumstances pertaining to your reservation. However, acts only as an independent agent to secure services of an air carrier, car rental supplier, hotel, vacation rentals, or other travel related supplier. Therefore, we have no control over personnel, equipment, or operations of these suppliers and shall not be held liable for any inconvenience, personal injury, property damage, or other loss incurred as a result of any wrongful acts, omissions, or default on the part of the suppliers. All grievances must be reported with any and all supporting documentation to and/or our partners within 60 days of the mailing of the first credit card statement showing any discrepancies for billing and payment issues or within 60 days after the completion of travel services provided.
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Do hotels have minimum age requirements?
Please be aware that some hotels, foreign and domestic, may have minimum age restrictions or requirements when reserving a room. Please inquire with a Customer Care Agent or with the hotel directly.
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